Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 5

I used another of my favorite drawing tools on yesterday's portrait, and the experience led me to today's piece...and two thoughts.

First, I am a strong believer in serendipity: things happening as they may. Because of my work on the drawing from the day before, I was prompted to do the one today. In a sense, "nothing comes from nothing" because it seems like more often than not, one thing really does lead to another.

Secondly, I should probably mention which art material it is that I love so much. It is the eraser. Far too often people believe that an eraser is nothing more than a "mistake fixer." In reality, MOST of today's self-portrait was done with an eraser. It is a challenging process because the artist has to work in reverse by removing darker tones to reveal the lighter ones, but the finished product is more than worth it!

#5 October 25, 2010,  Charcoal and eraser on paper
Sounds: Butch Walker, Sycamore Meadows

1 comment:

  1. Jimmie,
    one of my favorite projects when I was teaching was a a self portrait where the students filled the paper with charcoal and erased out their portraits...they all turned out awesome...this is great!